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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Government to dig in on Nationals deadline (10 February)

- We have been told we are going 2+2+2 as of August. From a flimsy evidence base, we have to put some kids into N5. No amount of pleading for help has led to any support and we can't see how to get N5 success in two years when National 4 and Level 4 have not been covered! Our kids will get 3x50 mins per week for two years and probably won't even get the minimum suggested time allocation.


- CfE will bring flexibility and autonomy for schools and teachers - I think not! You'll do as we say, we'll restrict the options children can choose in S4 and we'll burden you with extra marking. We also won't give you proper time or resources to develop the new courses. Mr Flanagan has a lot to answer for as he gave his blessing to this crap. Any monkey could see this will lead to the dumbing down of our once-heralded education systems. Curriculum for Excrement indeed.


The perfect place to catch up on paperwork (10 February)

- Fantastic article. A true reflection of the lack of facilities and resources for primary teachers in their non-contact time. Their time is definitely better served working from home.


Joining forces: the rise of shared services (10 February)

- What is the point of local authorities if the Scottish government does not allow any variation at all?


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