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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

- Last week's article "Bilingual balancing act" is a small example of the hard work and dedication displayed by both the class teachers featured and the other equally dedicated staff in Annette Street Primary in Glasgow (including janitorial, catering and office staff). Surely a school achieving success in the difficult circumstances illustrated should be in receipt of all available help in order to allow this praiseworthy job to continue.

Arthur and Irene Richardson

- "Salmond had private talks with EIS" (1 April) - secret talks a week before the ballot closed? What kind of message does that give the Scottish Government on the resolution of the union to stand up for its members? I urge all EIS members to ignore the union's recommendation and reject the proposed deal.


- A totally unacceptable offer one week does not become acceptable the next week with a bit of tweaking. I've been a teacher and EIS member for over 35 years and this is the worst offer and recommendation I have ever seen. I will be voting to reject the offer.


- "Experience comes at a price" (1 April) - Well said Ann Ballinger! I am fed up with the insinuation from "younger, energetic and motivated" NQTs that I (as a 42 yr old) am past it or cynical because I do not agree with their point of view. I learn every day and don't know it all. Experience has taught me that.


- "Plan to get staffroom `fatties' on the run" Very good - nearly fell for it.


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