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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Courses for work are just the job (10 February)

Liz Hoskins - founder of Positive Qualities - is an amazing teacher and coach. I have seen her in action with these children and she has a knack of gaining their confidence, respect and commitment to help themselves in changing their lives into more positive modes. The results are impressive and these kids go on to have careers that truly inspire them. I wish this scheme could be rolled out further - in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK! Spread the word, I'd say!


What a great achievement. More programmes like these are required if we really want to create change. Young people can achieve great things - they need to be challenged and encouraged in a way that captures their own positive qualities, otherwise we fail not only the young people but also our society. A great review that I hope will be taken seriously, this approach can benefit so many.


New chief champions computing science (17 February)

Great news for computing science. Hopefully schools will now give the subject its rightful place in the curriculum and, in particular, break the "manufactured" connections with business studies (via faculties). Also, I hope SMTs and guidance will stop calling computing science "ICT". The two "areas" are quite separate and the CfE documents make that distinction abundantly clear. Obviously, some of the aforementioned have not read these documents.


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