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Teachers feel out of their depth (6 April)

- Can anyone explain how to deliver "breadth, depth and challenge" in less than 50 minutes? I am trying but was told to speed up as progression through the experiences is an "entitlement". Lots of good things in Curriculum for Excellence, but very poor management of implementation at national level.


It is a market economy with subjects selling their wares (6 April)

- Don Ledingham provides one of the best arguments yet for retaining the 2+2+2 model. He concludes with: "curricular inertia is a powerful force and it will take . courageous leadership . if we are to see a curricular model that does not reflect what I experienced 40 years ago". So that would be the 2+2+2 model that he experienced at school and that has ruined his life - no, wait, he is director of education and children's services. He produces not one piece of evidence to back up his preferred 3+3 model, yet he wants "courageous leadership" to bring it in. That's the kind of leadership we do not need.


English teachers vote to boycott inspections

- Anyone else very annoyed with our unions, as they seem to have just given up on any action? Can't understand how we came from a national day of action in November to nothing at all? I am aware that the EIS is supposedly in negotiations with the government, but I'm not happy about the SSTA's stance either.


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Tes Editorial

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