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Teachers struggle to adapt to freedom of CfE (13 April)

From Mark Priestley and Sarah Minty's research paper: "CfE places the teacher at the heart of curriculum development - as an agent of change. And yet, schools are places where such agency is often restricted by accountability practices that hinder innovation. National agencies and local authorities should carefully consider how the negative effects of accountability systems may be countered ."


I found much to agree with in their analysis. I suspect it's too much to hope for that anyone in power will pay any real attention to this. I predict a Mike Russell whitewash and the typical Cosla response of offloading onto teachers.


I fear for my child! I'm thinking about the private sector. My LA has said they are "making great strides" with CfE but that is rubbish - the same LA that said pound;4m of cuts from education would make the education provision here even better, and that kids wouldn't notice any difference when PE teachers are removed from schools.


Who's to blame? All of us for not speaking out. The culture in schools is appalling; it is an in-joke that anyone wanting advance-ment cannot speak the truth.


I agree that most teachers now adopt a selfish, laissez-faire approach to massive change in education. However, some of us have been speaking out on CfE for years.


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Tes Editorial

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