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Teachers struggle to adapt to freedom of CfE (13 April)

Watching colleagues struggle with the strain of internal and external moderation of samples just now, I fear for the near future when it will be multiplied many times as staff take over the role of SQA to save millions.


Wage cut

Well the reality of the pension increase and changes to tax and NI have hit home. I have lost pound;90 a month. I will be the first one out of the school gates as a consequence of these changes, and no extra-curricular for me! I may have to take a part-time job at McDonald's to pay the bills. That's net amount, with the new pension increases included.


Mine has gone down by that, too. But remember pound;45 GTCS fees come out this month too, so that is likely to have affected what you are getting.


pound;3.5 million cash boost to rescue Nationals (30 March)

Definition of broad general education needs to be clear. Teaching allocation to individual subjects is indeed an issue. For some subjects 2+2+2 might work - for others, more teaching time is required. Some schools allow option choices at the end of S2. If that is the case, surely teaching time in S3 cannot be limited to two periods per week. CfE is about raising the bar. Direction is needed to give teachers more confidence and less concern about exam results - which, at the end of the day, is what all stakeholders are interested in.


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Tes Editorial

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