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Readers respond to articles on the tess website

Readers respond to articles on the tess website

Working group speaks out on languages plan (18 May)

- Writing as a parent (not a teacher) of young kids, who regrets his poorly implemented language teaching at school, I think this type of initiative is to be warmly welcomed. Clearly there are challenges to doing it properly, and the lack of specialist language primary teachers is probably the biggest one. I'm not sure how, without significant investment moving teachers towards language "fluency" (I have a Higher in German, but there is no way in hell that I should be allowed to teach little kids anything other than how to say "My name is."), we can really crack this problem. It will take a long time, decades perhaps, but we should commit to it and stick with it, and we will see the benefits in the longer term.


It's the job I really love - but teaching has destroyed me (18 May)

- Brave article and very prescient - a warning to many.


Career journey is a mountain to climb (18 May)

- I ticked the box, got my perfect job, and now have a permanent full-time contract. Just jump in and go for it


Short amp; tweet (18 May)

- Good bit of fun, though heavily edited again. Health warning to readers (amp; writers!) that tweets are selected and often not direct replies to those shown. Previously I had a reply quoted before my tweet which entirely changed the meaning of my comment. Readers beware! Check out Twitter for the full story.


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