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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

A bold blueprint for school reforms (22 June)

- "A degree of institutional freedom of action in England has produced a greater range of success and failure in schools" - a critical comment. Do we accept a greater failure rate for our own children so that some can excel? Interesting article and I would love to see some models of what they suggest being presented. Personally, Howie was spot on - get a vocationalskills stream going but it would be too expensive.


Experts wanted to quit curriculum panel . (22 June)

- The curriculum (in England) is an archaic and outdated offering that is more about Michael Gove's personal point of view than anything else. Why is the (Westminster) government not listening yet again? . Get these people out of power . they are bringing (English) education to its knees.


There once was a young man called Gove,

That most of the professionals loathed,

With his out-dated peddling,

And curriculum meddling,

The teachers resigned in their droves.

Sassy del

Don't just blame Westminster . (15 June)

- Michael Russell could not "hide behind the coat-tails of some Eton toffs and say "It wisnae me'", said Mr Flanagan. Excuse me? Did Mr Flanagan not state last week that it "wisnae him" who voted for the abandonment of last year's sell out agreement but that we had to move on?


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