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Readers respond to Articles on the Tess Website

Readers respond to Articles on the Tess Website

Assessment fails CfE test (3 August)

- Absolutely agree, this does not just apply to primary and secondary but to pre-five also. Nursery staff do not have the protected time for planning and assessment that their teacher colleagues have. Primary teachers do not have time for meaningful discussion among themselves, never mind with nursery colleagues. Nursery to primary transition discussion time is crucial but often just does not happen. Time for nationally agreed terms and conditions for nursery staff to ensure consistency across the country for all age groups.


- Examining the four priorities, the first one is one I have had little experience or training in. I read the documentation but its vague aspirations do not translate easily to a classroom experience. The second priority does not take place. The third one is damaged goods in secondary due to our bad experiences of grade inflation due to the pressure put on by LAs to show improvement. The fourth will cause much angst in our sector as that is all we have used and still do use.


Everyone must get to grips with grammar (3 August)

- This is an excellent article. Too many pupils have been denied the right to understand the basic structure of English; too many teachers do not understand it - so they cannot teach grammar effectively. Recent examples of proposed assessments, I promise you, do not understand it either.


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