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Readers respond to articles on the Tess Website

Readers respond to articles on the Tess Website

Microsoft gets its hands on Glow (15 June)

- The problem with the next generation of Glow will not be the people involved. I was part of the process for Glow, as were a few of the people on the list Jaye linked to. The problem was (and always seems to be) that the government went for the cheapest option. The beta testers pointed out all the problems with Glow, how dated the techology was and how user- unfriendly the system as a whole was and the response was always along the lines of "there's nothing we can do - we're restricted by the software". The software was MS SharePoint, and in computer programming circles, the technology was useless almost as soon as it was released.

I have not heard a systems analyst say a good thing about it. So, why was it used in the first place? If the government goes down the usual route of tendering and taking the cheapest option, we're going to face the same problems. Given the problems with Glow, it hasn't exactly worked out cheap anyway - pound;35 million, plus training for a system that virtually no one uses. We need a system that is so good that our pupils want to use it and our teachers are able to use it. Glow was neither.


Success of any sort should be celebrated (10 August)

- Quite right!

Alan Hamilton

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