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Readers respond to articles on The Tess Website

Readers respond to articles on The Tess Website

Bridge over art and science (17 August)

- I'm glad this art teacher has had the foresight to show his pupils this avenue. However, It's a shame that nowhere in this article does it mention the input or expertise of the craft, design and technology teachers who take the elements from the subjects mentioned and then mould them into exciting, dynamic and demanding courses that deliver the student product designers to the door of the universities with the skills to research, design and manufacture the prototypes mentioned. I don't suspect anyone on this course simply did traditional academic courses then thought "ah. I fancy giving that a go" without having done the product design course in school which gave them the drive to move forward with it. What is described here is regularly happening in schools in CDT departments.



Aileen Ponton (17 August)

- She'll be an HMI any day soon.


Higher passes up sixth year in a row (10 August)

- So, if everything is improving. why change?


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