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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Prospects for probationers climb to a five-year high (24 August)

- Not all probationers are young, yet three of the contributors refer to "young" teachers. This is clearly the mindset of those in power. Sad. I am a post-probationer but wasn't asked to take part in the survey. Too old perhaps.


Why would anyone want to be a teacher nowadays? (24 August)

- What us "young `uns" don't appreciate and the "old dinosaurs" sometimes forget is that all this red tape, curriculum upheaval and lack of detail has happened before and will happen again . I too was worried (and confused) about the specifics of the new curriculum, but now realise that we DO know how to teach, so if we get on with teaching what we know works and how to answer various types of exam questions, it'll all work out OK.


Bridge over art and science (17 August)

- I have just graduated with a master's in product design engineering from this course. I didn't study the subject at Higher, though it was offered to me. I studied "traditional" courses - Highers in maths, chemistry, biology, physics and art. You do not need to have studied CDT to succeed in the course. The real benefit of the degree programme (and the purpose of the workshops) is to show how the school subjects can lead to a fulfilling and exciting career.


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