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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Unnatural selection: why do we default to setting pupils? (28 September)

- Here is Brian Boyd on his hobbyhorses again - setting and AiFL. He says: "In Scotland we pride ourselves on an evidence-based approach to policymaking. Assessment is for Learning, for example, is a pedagogical approach which has made a significant impact on learning and teaching in our schools, not least because it has a strong evidence base."

In virtually every article that he publishes, Boyd quotes Dylan Wiliam and his colleagues for having provided the evidence for the efficacy of formative assessment. However, in 2009 two academics published their own research on the methodological soundness of Wiliam's and Black's Inside the Black Box booklet. Dunn and Mulvenon found that none of the Black Box evidence stacked up. Perhaps Boyd should read the research before we get another re-hashed TESS article: http:pareonline.netpdfv14n7.pdf

Where is your evidence, Prof Boyd?


Silence in class improves behaviour and results . (28 September)

It isn't April 1st yet, is it?


Scepticism over single exam (28 September)

- The only good thing Gove has done is promise to get rid of science coursework . and now he's back-tracking. It would be hard to design a more pointless, hoop-jumping, unscientific and time-wasting process than science coursework. I despair.


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