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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Schools spare the rod (5 October)

- I am not surprised heads think the picture is rosy. I know of HTs who always think staff are exaggerating or that is just the way kids speak today. I know of one HT who gives out sweets to help calm pupils who are being abusive. Parents also know which schools have HTs who don't accept bad behaviour, and this can go a long way to explain why some pupils travel for up to an hour to get to school, while one nearby struggles to get pupils.


Parents' perspectives on CfE (5 October)

- Many secondary staff would love to see opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and alternative forms of assessment, but having 40-50 minutes to teach holistically is difficult.


Chartered teacher cohort fights for special treatment (5 October)

- We did not undertake the CT scheme to exit at Point 4 with a postgraduate diploma; we were only one year away from completing journeys begun many years ago.


A world of digital literacy for all (5 October)

- Some schools that use Glow are part of 100 Word Challenge, which links young writers globally and is having a big impact on progress. It gives a guaranteed audience which motivates many to improve. Last year saw 8,000 entries from 50 countries. Visit


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