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Readers respond to last week's articles on The TESS Website

Readers respond to last week's articles on The TESS Website

`For the greater good? Charity test awakens spirit of giving'

For the greater good? What rubbish. The independent sector is full of for- profit bodies and should be subject to VAT and other taxes, like the banks, private companies etc. The "charity" status title is plain wrong. The son of a millionaire paying pound;100,000 for their education is entitled to VAT-free equipment, yet a poor person in a sixth form college or tertiary sector FE college has to pay VAT on everything. How is that right?

Brooke Bond

`One in 20 don't give a monkey's about Darwin'

Alastair Noble spoke for 30 seconds (at the Creeeping Creationism seminar), but gets more space here than any other participant. Yet you manage to miss his main point. He said Intelligent Design is not creationism. If so, why does C4ID promote creationist materials like "Explore Evolution" and post creationist misunderstandings of biology on their website?


"Explore Evolution" is an outstanding publication. It does what it says - explores evolution in a balanced, informative way, encouraging the reader to form their own conclusions. Mr Braterman's comment suggests either he has never read it, or that he views as "creationist material" any biology textbook that doesn't commit to the evolutionary "hard sell" peddled in many other volumes. Why are evolutionists so afraid of books like this that air the pros and cons of an evolutionary account of origins?


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