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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Pressing question of error (2128 December)

- The SQA is accountable to nobody and this leads to arrogance and disregard for teachers, raising concerns on behalf of candidates. Donald Morrison is to be commended for persevering. Don't expect any response from CEO Janet Brown. She's probably too busy thinking up the next revenue-generating wheeze, planning a junket or choosing between annual bonus or pension-pot enhancement.


- Donald - say bye-bye to your career as the establishment closes ranks.


- Doesn't cochrane1964's comment "stink"? Is it a threat - or just typical of the faux "tired resignation" of "weak" teachers? Far from being a career ender, Donald Morrison will have enhanced his professional standing by doing what all such teachers should have done (but didn't), ie, stand up for the rights of their pupils to a fair deal in the exams.


'We were made into real teachers' (2128 December)

- "Graham Donaldson, Jordanhill student 1969-70, head of HMIE 2002-10: One piece of advice I remember getting ... came from a history lecturer. He said that as teachers we should always wear rubber-soled shoes so pupils couldn't hear you walking up behind them. It's not advice I took as a teacher, but it stuck in my memory."

But was it advice he took as an HMIE with regard to teachers? :-)


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