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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

'One planet living' could take root in Scotland (4 January)

- Scary. Green-washing our children with socialist, green activism, based on dodgy non-science.


via TESS website

- This is Communist indoctrination at its best.


via TESS website

Scottish teachers recognised in New Year Honours

(4 January)

- A look beyond the headline tells a different tale. Were these

people, largely administrators, given their awards for TEACHING? I think not. Why should anyone in Scottish education celebrate that a few crumbs have been dropped from the table. I have no doubt that those receiving honours are worthy of their "gong", but surely we should be open and honest enough to say that the honour was not bestowed on them because of their teaching.


via TESS website

A wry look back at a turbulent year in education (4 January)

- More like a negative attack piece under the guise of satire.


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Subscriber of the Week

- May I nominate Jura (pictured above) for Subscriber of the Week?


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