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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Rural schools report leaked (11 January)

- It is shameful that TESS, which claims a desire to drive excellence in education, feels it is appropriate to take a draft report on rural education and publish it on its website. The very definition of "draft" makes it clear that this is a preliminary version and so subject to revision.

People have put a lot of time into the commission with a clear focus on improving the delivery of education, yet TESS - which should be supportive of such ambition - has put that ambition a poor second place behind its desire to "break the story" first. Disgraceful.


Early intervention ... (4 January)

- Providing a specially trained teacher costs about #163;3,000 per pupil needing effective early intervention. It means they catch up while the gap between them and the average learner is still small. Much more cost-effective than continuing to provide support right through school for those unable to access Reading Recovery when they need it.


'One planet living' (4 January)

- Scotland is way ahead in the globalist agenda. Surveillance of every fetus, child, family and community is at an advanced level.

Teachers need to wake up to how CfE ties in with this and what it means for their profession. Integrated services means what it says on the tin.


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