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Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Readers respond to articles on the TESS website

Fix web filtering or any Glow replacement will fail to shine (25 January)

- "Would parents be so quick to complain about inappropriate use on a school device if the school countered by pointing out the same child's ability to access the same inappropriate content on their parentally provided smartphone?"

I think so. And so they should. Just because it is possible to access inappropriate material on smartphones doesn't mean they should expect our duty of care to be taken any less seriously.

I don't advocate the filtering system, but neither do I think that pupils should be given free rein over what they access in schools. It's a risk that needs to be managed by the school.

I agree with the majority of the article but stress the importance of teaching proper, responsible use of computer-based resources to all staff first, so they are comfortable in passing on this training to their pupils and dealing with any misuse.

Ian Simpson

Curriculum journey has reached a key junction (25 January)

- "Education Scotland, the national education improvement agency." They have found a role at last.

"Dr Bill Maxwell is chief executive of Education Scotland, and chairs the Curriculum for Excellence implementation group." So too has our Bill.

This article can hardly be described as evidence-based. Our Bill makes some whopping claims, but offers no proof.dingerone.

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