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Readers respond to articles in last week's TESS

Readers respond to articles in last week's TESS

'Unfair dismissal' is settled out of court

- The officials responsible for this six-year saga should be held responsible for the treatment of this teacher and her husband. Winning a long fight leaves its scars and the council is now licking its wounds. It will take years to recover from the embarrassment of this heavy defeat. This has never been about money, but justice for the wrongs committed by senior officials. A full investigation must be in order.


Council wants to raise cash from sponsors

- Lunacy is the new pedagogy!


Slim pickings as councils feel the squeeze on budgets

- Was thoroughly enjoying my Saturday until I read the education budget cuts in @TESScotland. Our government is very short-sighted.


- It's horrific. ASNSfL cuts account for 41 per cent of the total education cuts. Targeting the most vulnerable?


- Assumption will be that mainstream will cope. It cannot and pupils will suffer.


- I really appreciated the breakdown - found it very informative amp; yes, u won't find that level of analysis elsewhere.

@Glasgow Tweacher

- Everyone needs to look over their council's budgets in detail. Some nasty surprises beneath the headlines.


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