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Feedback from the TES Scotland forums

Feedback from the TES Scotland forums

This is where my heart lies

Having spent many summers working as a volunteer with a priest in a shanty town in Ecuador, I can understand Tony Begley's decision and phrase "where my heart lies" (TESS, July 30). Having trained women in a shanty town to be pre-five teachers, raised funds to build classroom units and a clinic and accompanied some 45 young people from across Scotland to work in the shanty town, the overwhelming desire to keep going and the unforgettable sense of fulfilment when working with the impoverished but warm-hearted people of a shanty town never leaves you. I wish Tony every success in this most rewarding job.

Alison Mitchell

Where a hole in the road is a learning experience

"Not one staff member was a qualified teacher" - yet more evidence that the closed shop, demarcation, manual-grade mentality of the teaching unions, post-McCrone, is so out of step with reality and ripe for change (TESS, July 30). Scotland has a wealth of teaching talent that can supplement the work of qualified teachers. We need to encourage it into the classroom and enjoy the undoubted benefits that these youngsters at the Brucehill Early Education and Childcare Centre in Dumbarton continue to benefit from. Well done, Lynn - and all of your team (non-teaching and teaching alike!).

Ross Martin, policy director, Centre for Scottish Public Policy

Teacher training shake-up

The "teaching schools" initiative (TESS, July 30) is intended to "improve the lives of school children". As usual, it is not the children who need improvement, but the children in the west end of Glasgow, that are to get the benefits. Also, how are teachers trained in the leafy west end going to cope in a real school?


Spurious reasons for not getting a job

I was once told that I walked too fast out of the room, so they thought I didn't like the school!

(Response to Chatroom, TESS, July 30)


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