Only 0.06% of school Covid tests positive last week

First statistics covering the week all pupils returned reveals 4.5m lateral flow tests taken in schools but less than 3,000 positive

Claudia Civinini

Covid testing in schools

Only 0.06 per cent of the rapid Covid tests carried out in schools in the week that all pupils returned were positive, new statistics reveal.

More than 4.5 million lateral flow tests (LFT) were taken in schools and colleges in the week between 4 and 10 March, according to Department of Heath and Social Care statistics published today

But they only picked up 2,796 positive cases.

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A total of 832,007 tests were carried out in primary schools and nurseries, the statistics reveal. 

These returned 757 positive tests, an increase from 549 positive results in the previous week.

Secondary schools and colleges had 3,733,229 tests with 2,039 positive cases. 

Last week Jon Deeks, a professor of biostatistics at the University of Birmingham, described the low  proportion of positive results among school LFTs as "very strange"

And he warned that "probably more than half" of positive results from the LFT tests were actually "false".

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Claudia Civinini

Claudia Civinini

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