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L'Ouverture offers residencies with a difference. Their mobile IT lab will help to deliver any project that a school devises, usually over half a term. In the past, projects have ranged from exhibitions to book production to drama performances.

The beauty of L'Ouverture is its commitment to broadening any activity to encompass creative writing, art and design, technology - in the form of computers, lighting and sound - performance arts and publicity. And all within the confines of the requirements of the national curriculum.

The group plans to set up two units, one stationary and one mobile, the latter going into schools. For a recent architectural project, L'Ouverture specially employed an architect. At the moment, the organisation is mainly supported by charitable funds. If you want to find out more, contact the group co Reay Primary School, Hackford Road, London SW9 0EN (0171 735 2046).

Beyond Naturalism 2 is a follow-up to the April conference at the Holborn Centre for the Performing Arts that brought together performing arts lecturers and teachers to work with professional playwrights and directors. The session, taking place on November 11, enables participants to work with one of the following artists: Debbie Issitt, directorwriterperformer, Graeme Miller, performance, sight and sound artist, Ian Spink, writer directorchoreographer and Gary Stevens, "visualising theatre." The day, which runs from 10am to 6pm, costs Pounds 75. More details on 0171 306 5827.

A performance last week by young Tynesiders of The Nest of Spices was a culmination of a project run by Northern Stage and funded by Tyneside Training and Enterprise Council and Gateshead TVEI. The piece was created as a result of workshops in schools and colleges run by Northern Stage on the theme of rebirth - the name came from the Arabian story aboutthe Phoenix which builds itself a nest of spices, beats its wings to create fire and is reborn from the ashes.

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