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OPEN event highlights digital technology in arts

The Arts Council's major education event next month, OPEN, looks at creativity and the impact of digital technology in schools. An international art programme running on a number of sites in Camden, London, (November 6-7), it was planned as a creative laboratory, featuring exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, webcasts and keynote speeches. OPEN is influenced by the open-source movement, a reaction to the increasingly corporate nature of computer activities. Open-source advocates make the code at the heart of ther programs available to all and are not concerned if that code is altered - they welcome that. OPEN will explore what open source means for learning and arts practice. Participants will include children, teachers, educationists, artists, cultural theorists, policy makers, technologists, academics, strategists, and the commercial sector Confirmed speakers include Professors Angela McRobbie and Stephen Heppell, Alan Howarth MP, and Chris Yapp.


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