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(Photograph) - Two men meet at the border of Lithuania and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad (main picture); the Kurzynice Bridge between Poland and Belarus (far left); a sign in Estonia on its border with Russia (left); the Green Line divides Nicosia, Cyprus, in two, with barriers blocking the streets, and will become the EU boundary if a plan to reunite Cyprus is not accepted (below far left); a Latvian border patrol guards the frontier with Russia (below left).

Two Swiss photographers, Alban Kakulya and Yann Mingard, travelled the length of the EU's new frontier in the east, from the Adriatic to the Baltic. The result is a unique visual record of a frontier that has been the subject of two world wars and numerous attempts to redraw lines on maps. The photographs on this spread (except for the one of Cyprus) are a result of this collaboration

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