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Orderly progress

AUF DEUTSCH 3. By Rosi McNab and Alan O'Brien. Pupil's book Pounds 7.50. Resource and Assessment File Pounds 72.95. Teacher's Guide Pounds 20.95. Cassettes (pack of 4) Pounds 52.95 + VAT. Flashcards Pounds 42.95, Heinemann, Age range 13-14.

Think of German and think of order. Teachers with an innate sense of Ordentlichkeit will appreciate the six chapter, half-termly structure of Auf Deutsch 3.

Sub-division of chapters into nine double-page units makes for an even more comfortable and methodical format. Despite differentiating ArbeitsblAtte and Extra-blAtter Auf Deutsch 3 presupposes high levels of motivation, linguistic competence and even general knowledge. A geographical quiz, noting the world's smallest continent, longest river, largest volcano could demoralise the enthusiastic linguist, but reluctant geogra-pher.

The taped material, often lively disputes between young people, also demands high standards of gist comprehension and likewise while the motivated pupil will appreciate preparing a piece of homework on tape, it would be folly to suggest that this could be undertaken across the full ability range.

The thoroughness with which Auf Deutsch 3 continues to present grammar marks a welcome return to the development of the understanding of basic language structures.

With exercises such as writing a weather forecast for Ayers Rock, the teacher has every need for the full cross-referencing to national curriculum areas of experience provided in the teacher's resource file. However, the Scottish teacher will find little comfort in this and will be justifiably disappointed to find a surprising total lack of reference to any system beyond the confines of the national curriculum.

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