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Oscar winning bra

Meanwhile, over the border in North Lanarkshire, education director Michael O'Neill has been innovating again, organising a "black tie" Oscar ceremony to celebrate schools' success stories.

There were no tearful, rambling acceptance speeches at the glitzy, all-sponsored event in Motherwell Concert Hall on Jack McConnell's patch. The minister came suitably attired and praised the "first-class" education system which was "showing an example to others in Scotland".

You'd think there was an election.

Dress code guidelines had a fw primary heidies scratching around for black ties in the slinky section of their wardrobe but most managed to turn up in something appropriate - as did Jackie Bird, local lass, Beeb frontwoman and the evening's compere.

Bird comes with a plunging reputation after "that dress" on Hogmanay television caused a flap. The Motherwell dress was spangly and fetching but not of New Year depth and revelation.

She modestly confessed: "I'm wearing a Wonderbra, or as some might say, 'it's a wonder that woman's no' wearing a bra'."

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