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In other words, just the Boss

There's been a lot of talk recently about "leadership" and "management" in further education. These are two different things, say the powers that be.

Just in case you were confused, the latest research report from the Learning and Skills Development Agency, pithily titled International Comparitor Contexts, explains all.

"The still dominant conceptualisation of leadership focusses on the leader as an individual who is able to transform organisational performance.

"Managers merely transact administrative and operational issues, controlling and directing others in response to the vision and ideas generated by the leader."

Still in the dark? More help is at hand, says the report.

It adds: "Perren and Burgoyne (2002) offer a dynamic web-based leadership and management nexus that can be used interactively by different communities of practice that transcend geographical boundaries but are enabled by such a framework to develop context-sensitive abilities."

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