Our time off

Laura Scruton is eight-years-old, her parents work in a generations-old agricultural machinery family business in Driffield, 20 miles south of Scarborough. She spends some of her holiday with aunts and uncles and grandparents.

"I've got a pony called Cassie, she's a cross between a Dartmoor and an Exmoor and she's really nice though she's greedy and eats a lot, especially chocolate. I ride her every day in the holiday, she has a tiny little mane like a bush and she's cute.

"Cassie spends some of the time at Thornthorpe House near Malton which is where Grandma lives. I stay there too. There are quite a lot of fields and a wood you go down. It's got two kitchens and goodness knows how many bedrooms and my grandma lives in one half and my Auntie Rosie, that's Mum's sister, in the other. Auntie Rosie is very, very kind to me and when I stay she cooks cheese with pasta which is my favourite, as a treat.

"I also visit Uncle Graham (Mum's brother) who lives just across the road from Grandma's and play with my cousins Edward who's nine and William, he's four.

There's this really old building outside with stairs, where there's lots of little, tiny, wild kittens. William's a wimp, he's frightened of bullocks, but Edward and me, we just run across the fields through the bullocks.

"We often go to the trains because Tom (10-year-old brother) is mad about them and we go up to the moors to the steam railway. Dad and Grandad also have motorbikes in the summer and they take Tom to Whitby. I also spend some time visiting friends in Scarborough, playing in Peasholme Park and we're very fond of Woolworth's, the pick 'n' mix usually.

"We've not been away anywhere because we went to Disneyland earlier this year and we bought White House Farm, our new home."

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