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Our time is nearly up to change curriculum

In your brief item "High response to curriculum review" (25 March) you report that 2,200 responses have been received.

With around 440,000 teachers in the maintained sector in England, this represents a response rate of 0.5 per cent. With more than 20,000 state schools, there's a long way to go to reach a return rate of even one per school.

In the current economic climate and global marketplace, we cannot afford to embark on a curriculum that will put our young people at a disadvantage. The consultation questionnaire is structured to produce a set of subjects for each key stage, despite the fact that research highlights the necessity of developing employability skills.

We have two weeks left to save the curriculum and we need debate in every staffroom before the end of term. The TES should be instrumental in ensuring its impact.

Teachers also have a role in encouraging others such as governors, parents of our eight million learners, employers, associations and the wider public.

Surely by 14 April the profession can do better than the current response of one per 200 teachers? The consultation form can be found at http:bit.lyfcVvql

Dave Peck, Curriculum Foundation, Harrogate.

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