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Out of this world

Russian cosmonaut Viktor Petrovich Savinykh will lead an expert panel to share photographs of changes to the planet over the past 50 years, when he takes part in the inaugural event of this year's Edinburgh Lectures series on September 19.

Exploring the theme Changing Landscapes: Changing Planet, Savinykh will share the platform with NASA astronaut Jay Apt and cosmonaut Sergei Vasilyevich Avdeev, who is credited with the record of having travelled 20 milli- seconds into the future.

Illustrating their talks with stunning images taken from space, the speakers will outline the effects of natural and human activity on the Earth's environment. A wealth of information has been gathered from photographs taken from space. They are used for monitoring disasters, as well as the changes connected with global warming.

This first lecture is presented by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, in association with Careers Scotland and the Association of Space Explorers. Around 100 astronauts and cosmonauts will spend a week in Scotland (September 17-21) for the Association of Space Explorers' Planetary Congress in Edinburgh, hosted by Careers Scotland.

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