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Outraged by Adrian Mourby;Letter

WE ARE writing to inform you that we strongly disagree with opera being for "fogies" only.

We, as a group of nine and 10-year-olds are outraged by his attitude. We have recently been studying opera. Our work has included watching, listening to and performing opera. We have created our own operatic scenes, which have been performed to other children in the school.

We are the opera-goers of the future. Should people of Adrian Mourby's age not be supporting and encouraging us to have a positive attitude, rather than denying us access to this amazing art form? We believe that everyone has the right to be introduced to, and enjoy opera. After an introduction, we are able to form our own opinions. And we say that "opera rules".

The children of Year 5

Junior department

South Hampstead high school,

5 Netherhall Gardens

London NW3

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