Ouzo layers

Our quest for the person with the most exotic name in Scottish education took a bizarre turn at last week's "planning for children" conference in Glasgow.

It was all Greek to at least two participants when Jeanna Papamichail, head of youth learning services in South Lanarkshire, introduced herself to Voula Fragogianniki, a planning officer from the other Lanarkshire.

Papamichail, who speaks excellent Greek for a miner's daughter from Holytown, was taken aback - or as they don't say in downtown Heraklion, "dumbfoonirt" - to discover that her husband and Fragogianniki were from the same small Greek island.

With all the hellos, thank youse and don't mention its - kalimeras, epharistos and parakolos to you and me - flying around, it was perhaps just as well that Glasgow City Council had provided a buffet with paper plates, so we weren't able to witness that fine Greek tradition of smashing the crockery after a meal.

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