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* Bingo!

Bingo can be adapted to become a useful mental maths activity. Ask the children to write down nine numbers on a blank piece of paper. Numbers should be between one and 20, or one and 100, depending on the age of the children. Call out sums that have answers in the given range and write them down so you can check them at the end. The children should do the sums individually and cross off the appropriate numbers. First to get a row shouts "Bingo".

Sara Hoffman

* Fair play

Choosing pupils to answer questions or perform tasks can be difficult, given their keen sense of fairness. A "name-pot" solves this problem. Write the children's names on a strip of paper and place it in the pot. When you want a question answered, choose a strip or ask a child to do so. This is useful for on-the-carpet activities as it keeps all the children engaged.

Michelle Davitt P> * One at a time

To minimise complaints about the queue on parents' evenings, allocate time-slots on a first-come, first-served basis. Number the reply slips in the order they are returned. Parents can then see that their place in the queue depends on how quickly they return their slips.

S Grantham

* Calling all staff

A whiteboard in the staffroom, updated throughout the day, is an invaluable way to remind the staff of news, plans and events. Make a note of members of staff who are absent and the supply teachers who will be replacing them, or of timetable changes or any expected visitors.

Penny Maddock

We will pay pound;30 for each tip printed. Send brief ideas for teaching, admin or how to cope in school to TES Primary, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX, or e-mail Please include your full name and school or home address.

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