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Diagram questions

Draw a Venn or Carroll diagram on A3-sized card and laminate it, then make name labels. Ask your pupils a question every day, such as "Who has a brother?" The children put their names in the correct part of the diagram. Include an intersection and it becomes a quick game for your class to do as they come in. My Year 1 class loves it.

Dorothy Wood

Wall displays

To include small objects such as coins and seed cases in a wall display, save the pre-formed clear plastic moulds from packaging and staple these to the display, enclosing the objects to give an added 3D effect.

Ann Williams

Masking tape

When small children doing design and technology are required to fix things together (junk), get them to use masking tape instead of clear sticky tape. It is easier for them to handle and the required amounts can be ripped off. You can even paint over it.

Joanna Windram

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