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Hints from teachers

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Pupils soon learn the order in which their names appear in the register. So, instead of calling out their names yourself, get them to call their own (if someone is away there is a brief pause). When children have become good at this you can vary the register order and, say, start from the bottom or middle. Children find this amusing and taking the register becomes fun. You could even ask them to time how long it takes.

Jahara Ali

Wall displays

To include small objects (coins, seed cases etc) in a wall display, save clear plastic moulds from packaging and staple them to the display, enclosing the objects to give an added 3-D effect.

Ann Williams


My school is always worried about photocopying costs. At the same time, we're keen to give parents information to help pupils at home. So, to cut costs, we post weekly homework ideas on an A3 sheet and display them in our class windows. We try to make our homework as practical as possible, such as: find as many things as you can at home starting with the letter "c", or sort the packets and tins from the food cupboard into cylinders, cuboids etc. As a result we often see parents writing down ideas as they wait for their child to come out of school.

Mandy Newtons

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