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Meanwhile, see if your class has what it takes and organise your own end-of-term event with 50 questions from quizmaster Wayne Mills


1 What was the name of the half-magical boy who visited the family of Wendy, John and Michael Darling? 2 In this true family story, Ma, Pa, Laura and baby Carrie travel in a covered wagon to Indian country. When they get to Big Woods, Pa wants to move because there are too many people living there. What was the family's name? 3 Written by Johann David Wyss in 1813, this was a classic about the difficulties a family faced after being abandoned on an uninhabited island. What was the family's name? 4 Name two of Peter Rabbit's three sisters. 5 This picture book by Anthony Browne was about a family who visited a zoo. The children squabbled; Dad cracked stupid jokes and got furiously angry, while Mum acted as the peacemaker.

All in all, they acted like animals. What was the title? 6 This father was so desperate to be near his children after separating from his wife that he masqueraded as an elderly nanny. What name did he give himself? 7 Ruby and Garnet's dad has a new girlfriend called Rose. Dad wants them all to live together but the twins hate the idea. What is this Jacqueline Wilson novel? 8 The children are Pugsley and Wednesday, the parents are Morticia and Gomez and the uncle is Fester. What is the name of this weird family?


1 What character for a dare leapt up and down waving her knickers like a flag in front of Alexander? 2 In the Harry Potter books, whose favourite clothes were socks? 3 Who is always illustrated as wearing a red jersey and yellow-checked trousers and scarf? 4 In Anne Fine's book, what was Bill expected to wear when he woke up in the morning? 5 In Ug, Boy Genius of the Stone Age, what particular item of clothing did Ug want to be softer? 6 Name the author of the story 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. 7 Who wore "a queer long coat from heel to head, half of yellow and half of red"? Round his neck was a scarf at the end of which hung a pipe? 8 What colour were Paddington Bear's gumboots? 9 Why did the Paper Bag Princess wear only a paper bag?


1 Who lived at 421 Marlinspike? 2 Name the famous animal that lived on Mr and Mrs Hogget's farm. 3 Who lived at Number 3 Bagshot Row, Bag End? 4 Who lived in a house supported by stilts on top of a scraggly tall hill overlooking Lake Lachrymose? 5 What organisation or group was located at 12 Grimmauld Place, London? 6 Which famous doctor lived at Puddleby-on-the-Marsh? 7 What is Harry Potter's street address? 8 Who lived at 221b Baker Street?


1 In which decade of the 20th century was The Lord of the Rings first published? 2 Who was the Elven queen of Lothlorien who gave shelter to the Fellowship of the Ring? 3 By what name were the wide grassland horse-lands known? 4 Name all four Hobbits who were part of the Fellowship of the Ring.

5 Who did GollumSmeagol murder to obtain the One Ring? (His name or his relationship to Gollum.) 6 What was the name of the most famous Hobbit village in Westfarthing Shire, where Bilbo and Frodo lived? 7 By what name was Sauron's kingdom, the "black land", known? 8 What type of creatures were the Mumakil? 9 What was the name of the kingdom where the Elves lived at the foot of the Misty Mountains? 10 Name the volcanic mountain where the One Ring was forged and where Gollum perished.


1 What superhero was faster than a speeding bullet? 2 Who was the Titan superhero who held up the heavens on his shoulders? 3 Philip Pullman wrote about a Victorian superhero who went around rescuing people and capturing criminals. He was Spring-Heeled who? 4 Wonder Woman's first name was Diana: what was her last name? 5 Which superhero worked in New York and could fire a special polymer that hardened on contact with air? 6 What superhero was also known as The Dark Knight? 7 Eric would change from a schoolboy weakling into a superhero when he ate fruit. What was he known as after his transformation? 8 What superhero did mild-mannered Bruce Banner change into? 9 Who was the school principal hypnotised into believing he was a superhero in the Captain Underpants series? 10 Who was the indestructible British red soldier of Spectrum in the war against the Mysterons?


1 From what language was the original Pinocchio translated? 2 Name the 1996 novel by Dick King-Smith in which the Skymaster assembles around him 12 "apostle" birds that observe the life cycle playing out in the English woods. 3 What was the sequel to Mortal Engines called? 4 Name the American author of The Call of the Wild and White Fang. 5 Name any three characters at the Mad Hatter's tea party. All questions were used in the regional heats. Answers on page 34

Children's books quiz answers. Families: 1 Peter Pan; 2 Ingalls (accept Ingalls Wilder); 3 Swiss Family Robinson (accept Robinson); 4 Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail; 5 Zoo; 6 Madam Doubtfire (accept Mrs Doubtfire or Yuvingania Doubtfire); 7 Double Act; 8 Addams. Clothing: 1 Tracy Beaker; 2 Dobby; 3 Rupert; 4 A frock; 5 Trousers (accept pantsshorts; half mark for underwear); 6 Hans Christian Andersen; 7 The Pied Piper; 8 Red; 9 A dragon had burned her clothes. Houses and homes: 1 Haddock and Tintin (accept either); 2 Babe; 3 Bilbo or Frodo Baggins; 4 Aunt Josephine (accept the Baudelaire children); 5 The Order of the Phoenix; 6 Dr Dolitte; 7 4 Privet Drive; 8 Sherlock Holmes. Middle Earth: 1 The 1950s; 2 Galadriel; 3 Rohan (accept Riddermark); 4 Frodo, SamSamwise, PippinPeregrin and MerryMeriadoc; 5 Deagol, his cousin; 6 Hobbiton; 7 Mordor; 8 Large elephants or Oliphaunts (accept giant mammoths); 9 Rivendell; 10 Mount Doom. Superheroes: 1 Superman; 2 Atlas; 3 Jack; 4 Prince; 5 Spiderman; 6 Batman; 7 Bananaman; 8 The Incredible Hulk; 9 Principal Krupp (accept Krupp); 10 Captain Scarlet (accept Paul Metcalfe). And finally: 1 Italian; 2 Godhanger; 3 Predator's Gold; 4 Jack London; 5 The March Hare, the Dormouse, Alice and the Mad Hatter (half mark for two correct).

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