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The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week. Join the discussion at: www.tes.co.ukstaffroom Alan Johnson's plan for school-leavers to be 18

Tiddlywink: The children who want to already stay, the others can't wait to get out. What makes him think a child who has problems reading and writing at 16 is miraculously going to learn by the age of 18?

Bluedart: How long before there is a legal challenge from someone asserting their right to leave school at 16? If a 16-year-old is a "young person"

rather than a "child", isn't this telling adults what to do with their lives?

Ilovesooty: It will solve the problem of affordable housing for teachers.

They might just live at school and have done with it.

seren dipity: Should married couples be in different classes?

Do you have to clean the kitchen sink at school?

Ruby Tuesday: Cleaning was always an emotive issue at my school: a few hardy souls would, but the majority just threw things in the sink. At one point, I started throwing dirty cups away.

Triscca: When I was in Year 6, I'd be pulled out of class on Fridays to wash up in the staffroom. I quite enjoyed it, and it taught me how to wash up.

susie103: In our school, it would be good if we had a kitchen sink. We have one staff toilet and we wash our cups in the toilet sink.

What could you legally do to upset your kids?

Ms Anonymous: I could try kissing them at the school gate if I never wanted to be forgiven.

Mandala: I will never forget the sheer horror on my son's face when I was sent to his Year 6 class on supply.

Rustybug: Move any part of my body whatsoever in time to music, even a finger on the steering wheel.

thinkitwasjune: Singing and dancing to Scissor Sisters does it at the moment.

Koloko: My mum used to stand at the till in our local supermarket and say, "This is our **********. He's a teacher."

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