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Overheard in the staffroom

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week. Join the discussion at: WHAT's the best excuse you've heard for not doing homework?

Nomad: I did it on the computer and spent hours on it - honestly,I did. I was just getting some paper to print it off when my dog came along and pressed Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

Rararasputin: Our chip-shop exploded.

Tiggywinkle: My gran was having a baby. And it was true.

Bigkid: My goldfish ate it! What they actually meant was that they had dropped it into their fish tank.

Seiglinde: The wind blew it away msdarcy: I did do my maths homework, sir, but I accidentally divided by zero and the paper exploded.

WD: Because Mum held an Anne Summers party last night.


Maya37: If each school can be empowered to overcome its own local difficulties, strive for excellence (instead of LEA dumbing-down), decide its own curriculum, and run its own affairs and with a properly devolved budget, we can truly have a first-class education system.

Eureka!: I think that more independent state schoolswould be a good thing if they could be educationally independent - for example, allowed a free curriculum and not have results compared with other schools. It would allow true choice to operate.

Autismuk: You don't really believe that this bunch of micro-managing control freaks will allow free usage of the curriculum. It will be micro-control enforced by Ofsted.

anyone taught anyone famous?

Loveduck: Dudley in the Harry Potter movies.

Seiglinde: My friend was taught by Noel Edmonds back in the Seventies.

Gizzy: Taught the nephew of non-Beatle Pete Best. I also briefly taught Paul Fox of Emmerdale and Coronation Street. My dad was Tony Blackburn's music teacher. We're both really sorry.

SE15: I taught Louise Brown (the first test-tube baby) and also music A-level to Una Stubbs's son.

moroba:I was taught for a whole lesson by the guitarist of the band Boston.

He was working supply.

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