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The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week.

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Existentialtyke: Bloody crazy! This government really does want to interfere from cradle to grave!

Inky: If you're going to have nurseries, make them mimic good parenting.

Don't start burdening littlies with NC expectations.

jacob: More Ofbollox! Do they get points for potty training? Will they be graded on smell, consistency and colour of nappy deposits? God help the poor little buggers!

Wilma: I'm just wondering when parents who don't send their children to nursery will be Ofsteded to see if they are following the new curriculum!

How to quieten them down

Cymbeline: I'm on a PGCE and my dept have said they would like me to employ some strategy to get the pupils to listen to me. Please help!

Bombaysapphire: I put my hand up and call five, four, then silently count down on my fingers. It is generally effective.

teachur: Here's one I've used in secondary school: "BREASTS!!!.... right, now I have your attention..."

Worst mistakes a PGCE student can make

deicide: Taking somebody's cup or seat in the staffroom.

leviosa: Hogging the only computer in the staffroom!

John Peak: Getting on the wrong side of the technicians.

Mfd1: Always check you are using a board pen that wipes off.

Beldo: If you're going to bitch about the school with fellow PGCE placement types, do so where no staff can hear you.

Flowerfaerie: Take in your own cup, tea, coffee etc, or offer to pay towards the "Tea Club".

Noofie: Don't park your car in the head's parking space!

How to make it through till Christmas

Cheekyget: Don't over-work yourself as this is the longest term.

E.M: Have at least one work-free evening every week.

Whizbit: Get involved with the Christmas activities in school. This year we'll be having karaoke in the classroom.

Kirstystar: I had a bet with my colleague on who would get the most xmas cards from the kids.

friendlyface: Snuggle up under the duvet!

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