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Overheard in the staffroom

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week. Join the discussion at:

Kelly Egged

Seren_dipity: However distasteful I may find Ruth Kelly, I find the throwing of an egg at her even more distasteful.

Robert Pennington: A disgraceful assault.

Celticchick: Ach, it's good conditioner for the hair...

anonla: What kind of example is Ruth Kelly setting women and teachers everywhere? She should have faced that person down, and told him exactly what she thought about him.

astaire: Anybody who thinks it acceptable to lob an egg at a minister of state is a disgrace.

Music to calm children in the morning

Pugwash: Have you heard of the "Mozart effect"? Calming and thinking music for children.

Part 2: Why does it always have to be stuffy old classical? Lennon and McCartney had a greater influence on music than Mozart.

punkypink: Mozart works best: it is something to do with beats per min, linking to heartbeat and brainwaves. I have used those classical CDs that come free with newspapers. I want to try some chill-out club music, to see if it has a similar effect.

Best rejection letters!

mactavish: Best rejection reason over the phone: "It took us ages to decide between you and the other lady, but in the end we chose her because she has had a year in Scunthorpe!"

Clarys: "Sorry we didn't appoint you. We appointed (name of teacher was printed here)..." Brilliant to know if I wanted to send him hate mail!

save our Shakespeare

Diceybanjo: I've heard it said that Shakespeare should be taken off the curriculum. Shocking! In the cultural void that we live in, it should be a must.

Eureka!: There is nothing colder than the mission statement of the national curriculum which dictates that two Shakespeare works must be taught to each secondary student. And there is nothing more stony-faced (or wooden) than most classes reading out Shakespeare.

Emily Isobel: Not long ago, I kept two Year 9 boys in at lunchtime . They insisted on giving me a recital from Richard III. It was the most entertaining half-hour I've ever spent.

These comments are the personal opinions of individual contributors

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