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Overheard in the staffroom

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are say this week. Join the discussion at: Are Open-toed sandals unprofessional?

Vikingar: Smart sandals are surely acceptable?

Seiglinde: All the staff at my school are wearing open toed sparkly-type sandals. Unprofessional? No, we just want to survive in this heat! Only trouble is the kids keep accidentally treading on our toes!

bored: There is no way kids at my school would be allowed sandals. Surely it's only fair that teachers also abide by the rules?

Terargram: A Southampton headteacher has banned staff from wearing shoes without backs.

virnuls: Teachers want to be seen to be "professionals", but I've never seen any other professionals - solicitors, doctors, bankers, etc - wearing sandals.

Is there a TOP temperature for classrooms?

Coastertoaster: I remember someone from the NUT saying there was a minimum temperature but does any one know if there's a maximum temperature?

Juliateacher: Just had curtains put in my room. Make sure that you open lots of windows early on.

Tafkam: There is some guidance from the Health and Safety Executive which suggests 30C, but it doesn't actually have a legal status like the minimum temperature. But if your classroom was at 30C and above all day, then you could rightly claim that something needed to be done.

Enigma2005: I literally had sweat pouring down my face while trying to teach all day. Felt sorry for the kids when they were on the carpet and they found it very difficult to concentrate.

Should English teachers get paid more?

specky: I really do think English teachers should be paid more. The amount of marking we are expected to do is ridiculous and it's telling when maths and science teachers can return mock exams a day or two later. It is physically impossible to do that in English because marking takes so much longer.

Seska: My Year 11s think English and maths teachers should get paid more.

Bunbun: We should at least get more PPA time. Our marking load is huge compared with others.

manc: It is ridiculous for an art teacher and an English teacher to have the same non-contact time.

These comments are the personal opinions of individuals.

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