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Overheard in the staffroom

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week. Join the discussion at: David Cameron Cassander: A return to compassionate Conservatism is overdue, but is this really what Cameron is about? He strikes me as an opportunist. The last thing this country needs is a bland Tony Blair clone running the Tory party.

Lardylegs: He's got a lady's mouth. Gives me the creeps.

Bluedart: I find that rather transphobic.

What will the White Paper mean for us?

Lardylegs: In the sense of "more stuff to do", I mean. I fear the words "personalised learning" may wipe out any benefits gained from PPA timeI.

Lilyofthefield: Can they not just leave things alone?...This constant tinkering, followed by a complete turnabout every couple of years when they realise the last "initiative" didn't work ... is disruptive and counterproductive.

Cofio: Nothing at all - I live in Wales. I'm sure the Welsh Executive will produce some idea sometime, but at the moment they seem happy with I all schools remaining normal comps, and none of this specialist schoolsacademiesindependent state school stuff.

Screamin: Time to sign on probably.

ten things you shouldn't say to an Ofsted inspector "I'm glad you got here before me, otherwise this lot would have been unsupervised."

Helen88: "Can you sharpen some pencils while you're just sitting there?"

Candy_Flo55: "Plenary? Yeah, I'm doing that next week..."

Do you feel sorry for heads?

Pedagog: They have been handed such a poisoned chalice with restructuring and TLRs. It seems even the most popular head in your average secondary is going to find it difficult to implement TLRs without upsetting staff and getting a lot of stick.

Swallowtail: I'd have a go for pound;60k a year, to be honest.

Nomad: I don't feel sorry for myself - being a head is not a popularity contest, and I never expected it to be one. Over the years the skin has become more sensitive rather than thicker.

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