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Overlooked in Exeter

I read with interest the feature (TES2, February 16) regarding partnership with parents.

As manager of a thriving family centre, only a few hundred yards from Redhills combined school in Exeter, I was surprised to read that "there are no nurseries or playgroups in the catchment area, just a lot of houses and stressed families".

We work in partnership with approximately 300 families with pre-school children offering a range of services including, like Redhills school, opportunities for parent workshops. The centre has a co-ordination role within social services for the development and support of provision for under-eights within Exeter. The centre offers nursery provision for 48 children, and adjacent to the family centre is Tiddlywinks, a busy and popular playgroup.

While recognising that there are pre-school children within the area who do not attend any provision, there are many who do benefit from the excellent local resources and move on from these into Redhills combined school after close liaison and partnership between parents, pre-school providers and reception teachers at the school.

DENISE LEDGER Buddle Lane Family Centre Exeter

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