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The overpaid, the underpaid... and the totally unpaid

Your survey of "Who's earning what in education" (TES Magazine, March 19) was extremely interesting - but had a surprising omission. You listed just two people who are not paid for their roles, though one of them is paid to be the headteacher of a school. But you failed to mention the thousands of people who receive nothing for their critical contribution. I mean, of course, school governors.

It is sad that once again the enormous amount of time, effort and commitment freely given by governors should be ignored. I have become accustomed to being forgotten by politicians, except when they want to blame us or load more responsibilities on us, but I expect The TES to remember the crucial role we play on behalf of the communities in which schools work.

Michael Sanderson, Chair of governors of two schools, Elsecar, Barnsley.

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