Overspend followed letter of law

Tes Editorial

I felt extremely upset as I read Allen Edwards's article (TES, May 30). If Barnet overspent by a million pounds, then that was because it looked after the children who experience difficulties in learning according to the letter of the law. That is, it provided the statutory help required as written in the statements of special educational needs, stage five.

If teachers with specialist qualifications are centrally employed, then they can teach where the necessity arises.

When the money is devolved to individual schools it is obvious that many children will not receive the help to which they are entitled. Schools will not have sufficient funds to pay for the diverse needs of their pupils.

I take exception to Anne Jarvis's comments about staff chasing from one end of the borough to the other. This is simply not true. Sue Flockton, the head of service, always went to extraordinary lengths to avoid this.

Barnet's commitment to all its children is recognised. Why should their record be spoiled? It is other places which should be encouraged to follow Barnet's example.

ANNE WEBB 1 Vincent Close New Barnet, Hertfordshire

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Tes Editorial

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