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Own goal by learning chief

Bryan Sanderson (the Learning and Skills Council chairman) does well to hold Manchester United up as an example to colleges ("Complacent colleges failing the customer", FE Focus, June 8).

United recognises that successful outcomes come from its front-line workers, the players. It pays them well and gives them good working conditions and plenty of support.

If the Government and the Learning and Skills Council were to recognise that FE colleges' outcomes come from their front-line workers, the lecturing staff, and were to pay colleges to attract and keep the best lecturers, give them good working conditions and provide adequate support, the results would be fantastic.

College branding may provide a way for a marketing company to make money, but will not produce the money colleges would need. Colleges are already franchised to provide world-famous brands such as GCSE and A-level.

Bryan Sanderson must find some way to put the money where his mouth is. If he cannot, he should move over and allow someone of greater knowledge and ingenuity to take over.

Steve Bolter Wickham House, Pot Kiln Chase Gestingthorpe, Essex

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