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Own goals;Diary

LAST week The TES told the tale of the inspector's brand new Alfa, mashed in a school car-park by an exhausted head at the wheel of a Jeep.

This week: the Wakefield primary where the OFSTED inspection coincided with the visit of Geoff Hurst, footballing hero of 1966 and the only man ever to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final.

It seems Joe Brandi, football coach of St John's C of E primary, entered a competition to win a coaching session with Hurst, but forgot to mention it to anyone.

Thus headteacher Lorraine Hanson was surprised to learn, just two days in advance, that

a) she was getting a visit from one of the most famous men in British football and

b) it was during inspection week.

But she's a canny woman. "We made sure the inspectors got their autographs," she told the Yorkshire Post. "This is one visit they said they would remember."

The pupils aren't daft either. One moppet, instructed to get an autograph for her dad, confessed: "I did my own, just in case I didn't get it."

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