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Oxbridge first for secondary modern

A teenager has become the first pupil at her secondary modern to go to Cambridge university.

Emily Caddick, 18, is to read philosophy at Newnham college after gaining three As at A-level, from Angley secondary modern, in Cranbrook, Kent.

Emily, who gained top grades in maths, English literature and philosophy, hopes to inspire others to try for Cambridge.

"Many secondary pupils feel Oxbridge is just out of the picture because they haven't gone to a great school," she said. "But seeing that you can go on from secondary modern will let people know that Oxbridge is a possibility. You get all sorts of different people going to Cambridge now."

Emily was encouraged to apply to Cambridge after getting nine A* and one A in her GCSEs.

Her headteacher Stephanie Bedford said: "She's done extremely well and deserves her place at Cambridge. We hope other pupils can replicate her success."

The 11-plus is optional in Kent. Emily did not sit the exam and chose to go to Angley.

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