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Oxfordshire - Bullying played out in class

New lessons in drama and restorative justice will be used to cut bullying in Oxford and surrounding areas.

Oxfordshire County Council wants to reduce the number of children who suffer abuse, after a survey found that 44 per cent of primary children and 51 per cent of secondary pupils say they have been bullied, threatened, kicked or punched in the last year.

Teachers and pupils have also been asked to develop peer support schemes. They will work with the local youth offending service to set up the restorative practice scheme. The bullying lessons will be designed to improve young people's resilience.

Other strategies to cut bullying in the area planned for this year include work to combat homophobic and cyber-bullying and an investigation into bad behaviour on school buses.

Around 33 per cent of Year 7 to 11 children in Oxfordshire schools say they there is "a lot" of bullying in their school.

Council officials want to improve the monitoring of bullying incidents and encourage schools to "develop" their policies towards bad behaviour. km.

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